Many Tourists who have managed to visit Kenya earlier are usually eager to make a return trip whenever it’s a dream trip of a lifetime to those who have never set foot on the Africa’s King of wildlife and nature. As you try to make that dream visit to Kenya a reality, there are a few basic necessities and considerations which you need to check into.

Visas and Passports

: This
Is rather evident. You require a passport to cross the boundary to some other country on the planet. Most thieves are further required to obtain a visa before legally being granted access into the country. But, commonwealth citizens do not need a visa to visit Kenya – Kenya visa application form
. You can as well obtain one in advance from your country (highly recommended.)

If You intend to cross over to some other country like Tanzania say to climb the Kilimanjaro or a trek through the Serengeti, then you’re advised to choose a multiple-entry visa so you don’t face any barriers on your way backagain. Tourist visa are usually valid for fourteen days.

You are from a country with documented instances of Yellow Fever, you don’t need any immunizations. If you have been immunized, carry the card revealing the inoculation. Since malaria is a massive risk in the country, you’re advised to carry some anti-malarial medication; please talk with your doctor prior to making the trip as the disease is resistant to a medication like chloroquine.


Kenyans Are friendly people and you will be warmly received by the neighborhood communities. You will nevertheless strike locals selling their merchandise and Some instances handout attorneys. If you are uninterested in any of the You’re also advised not to go out alone and maintain your passport safely. Don’t walk around with wads of cash, even if you intend to spoil Yourself on your trip. Please leave the jewelry in your hotel room and Be careful with other valuables like cameras telephones lest you reduce the Work of petty burglars.

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